How did Mr. Fantastic become such a good entertainer?

Mr. Fantastic will be the first to tell you that any skill that he has is largely due to gifting from our Creator. Additionally, he has worked hard to develop his gifts and skills. While still in high school, Mr. Fantastic began leading and teaching young children at Sunday School and summer camps. The time and training he received in these areas laid a foundation that helped him with his own two children.

As a professional family entertainer, Michael invests annually in new and refresher training at magic conventions, and workshops. He additionally spends countless hours studying training videos, books, and reviewing his own performance recordings.

Most importantly, Mr. Fantastic listens to kids, their parents, and their teachers to see what works and what doesn’t.

How do you feel about party favors?

Party favors for the kids are great.  However please….please distribute them only after the magic show is finished.  That includes party hats and balloons. These things can be a huge distraction during the show.

How many children should I invite to the party?

The more kids that you have at the show the better the show will be.  However, there a minimum of 8 kids at the party.

What is the best age for the show?

Mr. Fantastic’s show is ideal for children age 5 and older.  Younger children can participate also but will likely need to sit with a parent or other adult. At least half of the children need to be age 5. If the majority of the audience is about age 11 or older, then the type of magic performed will change to be more age appropriate. He regularly performs for adults also, so he can adapt the magic to suit the audience.

Can You Do A Shorter Show?

Some parents ask if we can do just a 30 minute show. Yes, shorter shows can be done. However the effort to pack, transport, setup, and perform a 30 minute show does not significantly change the amount of work and training that is required to do our standard 45 minute show. For this reason the cost of the 30 minute show is the same as the 45 minute show.

For our complete show options, relevant pricing, please send us info about your event using our Speed Quote page.


What Kind of Tricks do You do?

What kind of tricks do you do?
The tricks vary somewhat depending on the size and age of your group of kids. In general, I include tricks that call for volunteers to come up and help to make the magic happen. The first few tricks involve the Birthday Child as my magic assistant, if he or she is comfortable coming up front. During the show, things will appear and disappear, and defy the laws of nature. The kids also learn a magic trick during the show. My website shows lots of pictures from the show as well as some video clips of a few shows.

How Much Time Does It Take You To Do A Show?

The typical show takes me about about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Wait…!  The performance is just 45 minutes or so.

20 minutes to talk or email with the parent and confirm the booking

30 minutes to pack for the show and load up the car

30 minutes on average to drive to the location of the show

20 minutes to unload and set-up

45 minutes to perform

20 minutes to pack and reload the car

30 minutes on average to drive home

30 minutes to unload and reset for the next show


Total is 225 minutes or 3 hours and 45 minutes.


What geographic area do you serve?

Mr. Fantastic entertains groups around the Portland, Oregon metro area, as well as various cities throughout Oregon and Washington state.

He has also helped to train other magicians and has built a team of Magicians that serve Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredricksburg, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Williamsburg, the Tidewater area Northern Virginia, and beyond.

Do you require a deposit?

When your program is booked you will be sent a show confirmation, at which time a $50 deposit is required to secure the date. I’d be skeptical of someone who doesn’t ask for a deposit. If you’ve NOT provided partial payment then they have LESS of an obligation to show up for your event. Some performers will cancel a date to take a higher paying show somewhere else. When you secure your date with me, you can rest assured I’ll show up AND be there on time.

How far in advanced should I contact you to reserve a date?

YES, you should call as early as possible. I book a lot of shows and sometimes have bookings months in advance. To avoid disappointment, contact me once you have a date and time confirmed for your party so I can check my calendar and block out your date.

Are you a member of any nationally recognized magic organizations?

YES! I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Is your show GUARANTEED?

YES! I Guarantee that the price you pay for Mr. Fantastic to perform will more than deliver a Magic Show where any typical kid in attendance will be happy, laughing, and engaged with the show for the vast majority of the time. That’s GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK!

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